Big Buckeye Bucks


Amanda took this buck with her 20 guage Mossberg 500.  A single copper solid made this buck turn and run nearly a hundred yards before expiring.  This buck should score in the 120's, her biggest buck to date.  Taken in Seneca County during the 2012 shotgun season.


Eli took this buck with his TC muzzleloader with a 150 yard heart shot.  The buck green scores in the 160's.  Eli was no stranger to this main frame 10 as he has the 2010 sheds and even passed him during the 2010 season! Wyandot County.


Eric's 2011 buck.  Two poor shots, but still a good result.  Gotta love the rut and the excitment it brings!  Rough green gross score is 142" with 10" of abnormal points on his brow tines.  Mathews bow, 2011, Seneca County.


Logan took this giant buck during the annual youth season on a drive hunt.  The buck scores 211 and change, and is the biggest buck ever taken in Seneca County, Ohio.  2010.


Nick took this old 8 point with a stroke of luck and a borrowed muzzleloader.  The old buck scores in the 160's.  Taken in Wyandot County, 2010.


Eli bagged this 8 point with his Mathews with a 35 yard shot during the 2010 season.  Taken in Wyandot County, the buck scores 125 5/8".


Gene scored on this nice buck on the second day of the week long gun season.  The big eight has an inside spread of an impressive 21 inches.  Taken in Seneca County, 2009.


Jodi arrowed this nice buck in Seneca County on her family farm.  The buck sports a set of short G4's and split brow tines, nice job Jodi!  2009.


Eric's 2009 archery buck, taken in Seneca County on a mid October hunt.  The Pope & Young buck has a gross score of 142 2/8 and a net of 138" even.


Mike's 2006 Ohio buck, taken in Seneca county with his Mathews LX bow.  The 8 point scored 133 2/8 inches B&C.


Nick's 2006 Wyandot County buck.  This tall 10-pointer required two bolts from his Horton crossbow, and scored 151 3/8" B&C.


Ryan's 7x6 whitetail was taken while posting in a field during a deer drive while his fellow hunters pushed a woods from his south, meanwhile, this deer tried to make is way through an open field to his north undetected.  Howerver, he was detected, and within shotgun range.  Ryan's buck was taken in Seneca County, 2002, and scored 168 3/8" B&C.


Chad arrowed this awsome buck in Wyandot County.  This brute rough green gross score of 174 inches, nice buck Chad!  2011.


Brice took this buck with his Hoyt Turbo Hawk during the first week of the 2011 bow season.  He made a great shot at 35 yards and the buck only made it another 60 yards.  Taken in Wyandot County.


John took this buck during shotgun week while looking for a doe.  Not a bad trade in our book, he should score around the 130 inch mark.  2010, Seneca County.


Cary stalked this buck after spotting it in a CRP field from his treestand during shotgun season. Seneca County, 2010.


Brice with his 2009 156" archery 10 point he nicknamed "Mac Daddy" after getting trail camera picters of him.  Taken with his Hoyt bow at 40 yards.  Wyandot County


This buck wouldn't go down easy, after tracking him for 3 hours over 400 yards the recovery was complete.  Mike killed him with his bow in late Novermber.  The even 8 point scores around the 120" mark, taken in Seneca County, 2009.


Ron shot this buck with his Matthews bow while seated to minimize moment as the deer walked right past him.  Taken in late October 2009, in Seneca County.


John took this thick 8 point with his bow.  The buck should score over 140 and was taken on a morning hunt in Wyandot County, January, 2009.


Greg's buck of a lifetime.  The 163 4/8 inches B&C non-typical is a main frame 8, with a split brow tine and a sticker off his G-2.  13+ inch G-2's and an 11 inch G-1 ... what a buck.  It's a good thing his brother was there to help him put down this Seneca county brute.  2006.


Eric's 2006 Ohio Buck, taken in Seneca county with his Mathews Switchback XL bow.  The long tined 8 scored 144 4/8 inches B&C.


William made the trip from his Amish home in Holmes County, Ohio, to take this 145 inch, 8 point.  The buck was taken during a deer drive in Wyandot County, 2005.


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